who am i?

I’m a 17 year old girl and currently a freshmen student in the University of makati..

Computer networking is my course..i don’t know why..actually, my father wants me take accountancy..later ojn,he wants me to become a teacher..then, allows me to enrol at a maritime academy..i don’t know what he really wants me to be…while my mother wamts me to become a nursing student,which I really don’t want to..its not in my vocabulary to be a nurse..she then asks me what do I really want and she promised to support me…I answered “I want to become a soldier…”…then she greatly disagreed the idea..

As you can see,I’m don’t enjoy living in a free country because I feel like a prisoner in my own home..that’s why I decided to start blogging..to feel free at least in writing..

right now..i carry a much heavier cross..my mother’s away to work at another country..my father always seems mad and discriminates all i do..I have to watch out for my little siblings (because I am the first daughter)..I have to balance everything,which i feel disappointed..

all in all..i feel contented for what i have before..happy home..great friends..wonderful world….until the closest people changed and made me realize that every best effort I’ve done is still not enough…

and these people are what i call….”FAMILY”….


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