love · paranormal

my fiRst tRuE LoVe…♥

he was my very first true love…♥

he made me believe in God,

he made me love poems and wonderful songs.

he made me look at the stars,not on the problems in life,and be thankful i have such blessings in hand.

he made me feel safe..

he love me so much.

he made me believe in myself.

he made me sing songs i never thought i would sing.

he made me believe that no matter how hard life is,i am a great person.

he was my uncle..

my favorite,loving,kind uncle that love me so much..

and on june 22,1998,

around 5pm,..


he died..

i was on our living room while my father and my mother talked about what had happened,,a few minutes later,we went to our uncle’s boarding house where he stays with his 2 night,they broke the news..he was dead..

he was hit by a train,head and body separated from each other.specifically,a public train, LRT to be exact..the station at the end of MRT south E.D.S.A..the news said he jumped off the edge while the train was fast approaching…but i knew my tito would never do the age of seven,i clearly know he’s on his mind.and he absolutely would never leave me..

at that young age,i barely know what “dead” means..all i know is that my tito would never come home again..He would never knock at the close door three times and pretend to be a cat by saying “meow,meow..” and i’ll open the door where he is smiling to hug me and give me his pasalubong..i would never sing songs again and i would never have someone to count the stars with..i will never enjoy poems in any other way,just the way he reads it..i would never have someone to hold or run to when i’m sad or want to hear something that would make me smile..i will never have someone that makes me feel i am loved,i am cared for..i am not alone..

i am not alone, indeed..i still believe he takes care of me..He watches my every move with God by his side,talking to Him what should be done to make me learn from my mistakes..

i still believes he loves me..and he died to be with me forever..

i believe he was my very first true love..and he will always be..


wherever you are,

from the bottom of my heart..




so much,


and i always will..

* * * * *


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