who am i??

Dear Just Hope, below are your PSYCHOLOGY PERSONALITY test result:

You love the crowd… a party animal! Too many “friends”, you can’t easily tell which among them is real and not…

You hide your emotions… Sometimes pretending to be always happy. Sometimes, not giving even a hint of what you really feel.

You love deeply… you may flirt along and people think you’re a playboy/playgirl but the truth is: your heart belongs to only one.

You appreciate simple things in life… You hate complicating things that’s why you’re typically up-front in any aspect.

You’re an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend… You don’t care if your partner doesn’t really love you as long as you love him/her. You give your all…

You’re undoubtedly good-natured! Most of the time, people are confident to approach you because they know you will consider them.

You love actions… with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect persons/things that are important to you.

09-08-09 ngaun..bukas 09-09-09 debut ko na..pero ayoko pa..di pa ako handa..

haizt..hirap i-explain..bahala na c Lord..T_T


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