thinking inside my head…♥

there are times that i think about the most important person in my life.


i always try to discover myself, think of things that i could see like no other people can.

i feel that i am special.

am I?

or am I not? i don’t know.

I think I’m getting addicted to this quiz things.such quizzes that would reveal your true personality. yeah, that one.. let’s see those answers and hope I could see myself in the mirror clearer than before.

You Need Adventure
You need change, excitement, and thrills in your life. You can’t stand being bored.
You crave new experiences… big experiences. You are big on taking risks.

Staying stimulated is crucial for your happiness. If you don’t have enough to do, you tend to cause drama.
If you can harness the way, you are a visionary leader. You are ready to charge ahead into the future.

♥..i couldn’t agree more…

Your Name is Orange
Your name tells people that your are flamboyant and vibrant. The amount of energy that you have is simply amazing.
You are enthusiastic about everything that comes your way. You love having new experiences and trying new things.

People see you as bold and even a little wild. You can be an overwhelming force.
You tend to get noticed a lot, and to be honest, you feel a bit sad when people aren’t paying attention to you.

♥…ang galing ng mga test na ‘toh..

You Are Driven and Focused
You view people with optimism. You have many meaningful relationships in your life.

You had more conflict with your father than your mother. Your relationship with him was healthy but challenging.

You don’t deal with stress well. Even moderately stressful events tend to send you in a tailspin.

You are the type of person who knows how to get a lot done. However, sometimes you can’t help but get overwhelmed by life.

♥..nakakatuwa kung paano nila natutumbok ang totoong ako..


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