gHoSt oF mY hEaRt..♥

he came  back.after 4 years i have known him and 2 years of no communication at all, he came back.

came back to claim me again.

last night,in my dreams.

how ironic,its exactly a year since tweet2 was born, another sweet history of my heart.

then he came, as if a year was all he gave us then I’m under his powers again.

madly in-love..

its very confusing,really.

but only one thing could clear it all up.

see him again,in person..

its been 9 months since we last saw each other,march 5.

and we only got about less than 5 mins. then, to  talk privately and all i said was “I’m sorry”..

but i bet i would be saying other words if we have the chance again..

and i know its soon..


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