UnToLd sToRy…♥

Once, there were close friends, Emma and Rose. They shared everything together. Classmates and friends, they slowly build a circle of trust around them. And sooner, love interests. Emma accidentally fell for Peter while Rose had a thing for John.

Rose and John became a couple although lots of ups and downs occurred.  Unfortunately, Emma and Peter did not have a connection at all. The spark they saw only lasted for a moment. But secretly, Emma still loved Peter throughout the years passed.

A year ago, Rose and John had a big fight.  John looked for Emma to have some help. They got closer and closer but Emma did not budge at all. For her, he is just a plain close friend and nothing else.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. The problem was solved but the treatment John gave Emma had not vanished. Sooner, Emma noticed and had decided to take action.

Emma met Leo. Leo later on told her that he loved her. Emma think for a moment and came up with a plan. She wants to use Leo as a bait so John might leave her alone. Emma told Leo her plan. Surprisingly, he agreed. And fortunately, John and Emma became the friends they were before.

No matter how Emma tried, Leo keeps her reminding of Peter. And the flame that she thought vanished came back. She ended the setup to free Leo and herself as well.

A year passed and Emma lived contented around friends and family but still secretly attracted to Peter. Rose and John, as usual, had their share of fights and arguments.

The two girls continued their close friendship, sharing everything together.

One day, Rose and John broke up. Emma comforted her friend but sooner learned that she should be the one being comforted.

Little did Emma know that Rose and Peter had been closer. As close as Emma and John had been. But Rose did not fight her feelings toward Peter, knowing that Emma love him still. Instead, she apologizes and ask Emma if its alright. ‘ Of course its alright’, Emma said smiling while tears fell down her face.

Up to date, Emma had her best friend, George, as her first boyfriend. Their relationship did not last for a month. Meanwhile, Rose and Peter continue their mutual understanding while John is still hoping for his past with Rose to come back..

And yeah, I am Emma.


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