a dAtE tO rEmEmBeR…♥

It was supposed to be a trip to a drugstore that led to a wonderful and surprisingly fun date.

We were both surprise on why we want to go to the Mall of Asia, it was an idea that came out of the blue. We were happy as is but that trip out of town made it a blast.

We first went to hypermart to buy snacks before going to the seaside. Hungry from the trip, we search for food. But, Alas! Awaits the free taste courtesy from Lucky Me noodles and Nescafe decaf.

Next stop was the seaside. Dark clouds taunting us but we stayed for a moment. I had a hard time climbing the side seat because of my school shirt but he agreed to kneel down so I can climb easier. Hehe..

As we expected, the light rain started to pour down. We run like children, holding hands and laughing. Not minding everyone around.

While roaming around, we bumped into a store named:

    And so, I wondered how to pronounce that word. Knowing the curious cat inside me, I will never be at peace not knowing the answer to the troubling question. We went inside…. just to ask how the store name is pronounced.


  was the right way to pronounce it. The salespersons inside seemed to be pissed off, maybe because my date looked serious while asking the question, or maybe because I looked as if I’m trying hard to resist my laughter. But the heck with them! As soon as we step outside, we laugh our heads off. Hahaha! We are so stupid, so funny, and so madly in love.. “God, I love him! “, I told myself.

We continued to walk and went inside

and was surprised for another free taste! Lambanog! Woohooh!

Well, he liked it. It was okay, tasted like :

My stomach went hot for a while but his smile made it okay. 🙂

Went halfway to the seaside but it was still raining. Appreciate the moment, the evening, and everything else. Then decided to go home..

But before the end comes, another surprise came up. It was a wonderful set of colorful

I never saw fireworks for a long time. And seeing it that close made my eyes water. It was in that moment I knew I love him and I don’t want to lose him. I want to own him and hold him forever. No barriers taken.

But it ended. Short but beautiful. We were both surprised and I told him he planned all of this. But no. No matter how I toss and turned him, he would not planned all of this so wonderfully fun.

It was serendipity.

He said it was destiny.

I say, its love.

And its the universe way of saying….

  Its time..


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