I wanted to blog about something, anything else. But how can you fight the urge to blog about what you truly feel? Especially if its such a strong and wonderful feeling? 🙂

Serendipity means when someone finds something that they weren’t expecting to find. Also, a “happy accident”. It can be associated in many things, but most commonly, in love. ^^,

The first time I experienced it was last month, August 5. I blogged about it as a date to remember…♥

But I didn’t expect it would happen again. To both of us. As if a celebration.

It also was a friday. We really don’t know where to go. It took us more than 20 minutes to decide. He suggested to go north ( ‘coz we always go to south. For a change 🙂

We went to SM Megamall. Had been there with him but not as what we are today. Definitely our first time as love bears. Haha..

And as if to remind us of what has happened a month ago, another free taste welcomed us. And a noodle free taste again. Now isn’t that VERY coincidental??

What more surprising was to discover that meters away from where we were eating, there is a live band performing. And not just any live band, one of my favorites…

I was a fan since high school. Not just because of their wonderful songs, but also because of their cute and charming frontman and drummer…

Rocky Collado! wooh! ^^,\m/


Throughout the whole jamming session, it was hard to contain myself. I was just standing there, holding tightly the hand of the man I love, and enjoying the music and Rocky’s energetic performance.

It wouldn’t be as fun as that “fun” if it weren’t for him (my Panda.) Though I tried to mock him that I love Rocky, I wouldn’t enjoy that mall tour if he wasn’t there.

If only he knows.




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