2011 Year Ender

A lot of debates are ongoing if the year 2011  was a good year or not. But for me, it wasn’t about anything important but the kind of people you meet and how they change your perspective in life. So my dear readers, I give you a personal year ender. If you meet these people that I have met, at least you’ll have a clue of what they might look like.

The Guest

   The kind of person that would praise you (of course, you’ll gain self-worth), but beyond that smiling face is a plan to kick you deeper. The Guest will know your strength and weaknesses, see what you have that it might take, and will crush you and leave a mark forever. The Guest is indeed a guest because at the end, you will realize you have been a doormat for it and for everyone else. Its good to be nice, but everything in its balance. If you meet the Guest, please, run the other side as eraly as possible. You are a sun, powerful and mighty, don’t let it get you

    I have learned from the guest that I am a unique and special person. That you shoudn’t be dependent to other people, and to never trust anyone.

The Bird

   If you are a regular reader, you would know who I’m talking about. The bird is a lovely being. It attracts every eye and will chirp on every passer by. Its like “Ibong Adarna”, a bird from a Philippine original Myth. When you hear its lovely voice, you can’t help but fall asleep. Too bad when your sleeping, the bird will poop you over and you would turn to stone forever. Be careful of its trap. We don’t know what The Bird is thinking, but the trance will destroy you. Its lovely to look, be sure to wake up. Beauty doesn’t last forever.

   Lesson learned : when something come, it will eventually go. You have to let go of things whether they are good or bad. No hard feelings, it will only consume you. And do better next time because at that time, things are better.

The Smiley

    An effective joker. Everyone’s best friend. No matter how bad things are, smiling helps. An adviser and a risk taker. We both like things unusually problematic cause like me, The Smiley likes to solve things. A chance giver that you shouldn’t pass.

    He was my first boyfriend. But I was too late.

    I learned that though I know from tha start that I lose, I finally had the courage to try. I may be too late, things may be too late, but acknowledging to recognize the chance will do a good shot.

The Huntress

    Is a good companion and a friend. Happy go lucky. But different people varies among other different people. No matter how good qualities are, there still is an underlying secret among the shallow beauty. Niceness is a key to gain friends, but for a long run, too nice is a sign of dumbness. The Huntress is a kind of person that would easily be obssesed of something or someone also nice to it. Maybe a good thing for desperate people, but a toxic to the elite.

    Obsession is a formula for suicide, don’t let it stick unto your skin. Nice is not smart. And because of the Huntress, I have learned that things we do will make up for who we are. People won’t judge you by the things you accomplished, but on the things you fail. At the end, this being and time have taught me that people are like flies, they would fly on a warm and smelly bowel and would fly on a warmer one. Disgusting but true.

The Wild Card

    Each of us has a Wild Card characteristic in ourselves. Just be sure when to let it out. The Wild Card is someone smart and practical, not easily influenced by others. But at a time of danger, it would instinctually go to the enemy’s side, Probably a human nature, but a dangerous kind. Its like a panic mode of the brain, the Wild Card’s intellect will freeze. However, in normal state, they are good friends to be around, especially if you are the kind to follow right things.

    Lesson : never be afriad to be unique. And never ever doubt things that you think is right. Choices may differ but if you look in every direction, some instances are, none of them are really right or wrong. Just a matter of justification.

The Summer Fling

    Literally. This is my first time to have a summer fling. MAy I say that it was confusing and wonderful altogether. Yes, it was. The Summer fling is like the Smiley, a joker, but a lot more. A kind of person never hesitating to look ridiculous just to make you laugh. A darling to be around and a heter of loneliness. Everyone’s adviser, yet, don’t know how to fulfill the empty space many laughs won’t cure. Someone who’ll be there when you needed, but a little afar. Like The Inkblot, The Summer Fling is someone everybody look up to. But it keep secrets safer than the Inkblot. For if they knew, it would be unbearable.

     Lesson learned: enjoy every moment cause tomorrow that moment will only be a memory, a ghost. Be sure to keep it dead. Everyone has their own secrets, some bad, some worse, others unacceptable.

The Monster

     A kind of person, specifically lover, that would spend on everything you want just to be with it. Not only a boy, could also be the opposite gender, depends on how desperate one is. But be warned, my dear reader, for beyond that smiling face and thick wallet is a motive, and a dirty one. Good thing for at the next day, I have learned that the Monster is really what I felt he was, a MONSTER. He has a wife, not that I like him anyway.

   Lesson learned: Pause and think. If something is too good to be true, well there’s probably a lot more beyond it. Materialism best works if it comes from your own wallet. And trust your instinct. I don’t even allowed him to touch my hand on our first and last date. Good call.

The Inkblot

   A kind of person thats caring, sweet, and a bottom-feeder. You would rarely hear the Inkblot say bad things to other people, probably when no one is around or if it is a bad mood. Wonderful business partner and comrade. Will be a successful provider someday if it is not in the mood to do fun but not necessarily good things. The Inkblot is an icon for the many, people look up to it. But once it do something they think is unforgivable, the Inkblot losses its light.

    Lesson learned : past things you did in the past would define less than 50% of who you are. Everyone change, daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly. Its just a matter of state of mind. Do not judge when you don’t even understand. Those who have not sinned may cast the first stone, but even a tomato would ask why it is not flying unto your face.

The Fantasy

    A kind of person that people would say is not important. But as a girl, we know it is. That guy you’ve been daydreaming to, constantly looking, and maybe the same reason why you go to school/work everyday. But not just anybody, The Fantasy is someone superior to you. Maybe your boss, your prof, your top classmate, the guard (whut?), or just eveybody else if you feel that you are the greatest loser in the planet.

   I have learned that imagination is created to escape the ugly truth. A trance where you can be anyone, can do anything. But be sure to be back to the real world. Reality holds us, bound to the truth, a hope for a better future. Maybe better than what you’d imagine. In short, imagine and don’t take life seriously. It will kill you.

The Frogs

     These are your true friends. You laugh at private jokes, sing even in a bad voice, and share gossips about everyone else. The frogs are your treasure, tell them your dirtiest secret and your wildest dream, then watch how they loudly laugh at you and throw mud on your face. But not to worry cause after the laughter calm down, the frogs will lick you with their magical tongue so you’ll be shinier than before, tap you on your back and tell you to go for it.

I have learned that though we make mistakes, we will meet people that would accept us for what we are. True friends are rare, so if you already found one Frog, sing with it and never let it go.

The Flies

Perfect food for The Frogs. These are the people, as I said earlier, that would go on a warmer dirt to feed their empty schedule, because they do nothing, and can’t do anything else. Don’t be afraid of the Flies. Sure, they will bring you down, but as the song says “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’ll never gonna bring me down!” (Hell Yeah!!) They would do anyhting to see you lonely, don’t let them. The Flies will judge everything you do, whether they understand it or not. You know better, don’t fall on their trap.

Just realized how much I disgust even the sight of flies. So here’s an appropiate picture.

Lesson learned: do what you think is good, what you think you are. You can’t stop people from telling you bad things, nobody can control another’s head especially if its empty.

The Panel

Are the first of the few people who can tell it to your face whether you like it or not. Its their voices matters. And truthfully, you couldn’t live without them. Well, you could, but life would be damn hard. They could be your circle of friends, or ususally: your family.

Lesson learned: value them. Its true, they can be dorky or annoying at times but remember : birds of a feather flock together.

* * * * *

     I have met a lot of people in this past year, I know I’ll be meeting a lot in the coming year. But no mother how seldom or few they are, its not just about counting everyone, its remembering what they did and appreciating every moment they spent with us.

People are seasons, they come and go.

But for me, people are like coffee, enjoy every cup while its hot!

Happy new year! 🙂


3 thoughts on “2011 Year Ender

  1. First of all, let me greet you, “Happy New Year!!”
    After I read your blog, Hmmmm..
    Let’s see. There will be new people we’re gonna meet.
    Some of them may be “The Guest” or “The Frogs”.
    I believe they will come in time to strengthen and deepen ourselves.


    1. thescripter2011, thanks for visiting my humble blog site! 🙂
      no worries, maybe I’m lucky enough to have found a lot of “Frogs” than “Guests”.
      Thank you for being a lovely frog.. 🙂


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