A dReAm cAmE tRuE…

So, enough of the sentimental, emotional and deep moments. I want to share with you guys something that made me feel good and proud of myself.

Since I was a child, I like to make stories, verbal or written, and would dream of how this stories would come to life. This fondness soon became a dream of at least once in my life, I would create something nice to remember. That dream is to become a writer or director of a movie. Guess what? That dream came true.

But, no. It wasn’t a movie as what you might think. It was just a short film. 🙂

Let me first tell you how it was made.

As for our senior year in college, the curriculum has prepared us only 1 minor subject. And that is Rizal’s Life and works. For those who don’t know who this guy is, he is the Philippines national hero. He fought the Spanish conquerors not through violence but through writing. Beware! Don’t belittle this man, if not for his  works, Filipinos patriotism would have not been awakened. (Sounds like a Dragonball movie :p ) . These literary works led him to danger and soon the Spanish Government sentenced him to death penalty through firing squad. He was the guy known for turning around when shot that hit him in the chest instead of his back. (He chose to because he believed that he is not a traitor ).  Yeah. He’s our hero.

Anyways, so as a project for this project, our professor decided to divide us into 3 groups. The first is Rizal’s childhood and studies; second is his travels; and third (our group) is Rizal’s exile, martyrdom and execution.

Enough of the blah blahs. Here’s the amateur Video. Most of them shot by me and my other group-mates.

It was a group effort. 🙂

All right, now watch!! :p

You just saw Jayvee Tulio (as Jose Rizal), Liz Quijano (as Josephine Bracken), Leorito Lupos (as Mr. Taufer), Catherine Torres (as Josefina-Rizal’s sister), Rigel Salcedo (as Col. Olive), Melinda Alberto (as Lt. Alcocer), Clesher Manlapaz (as father Pastells), Kevin Chester David (as Capt. Carcinero), Kristobriel Clemson Paylangco (as Gov. Gen. Despujol), Athena Absalon (as Rizal’s mother), Aisen Jhon Fernandez (as boy), and me. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


3 thoughts on “A dReAm cAmE tRuE…

  1. Sigh. you know what.. I’d also like to be a director or a film maker, and even an actress. One of my frustrations. I hope one day, I can create a film something like this. =) Good Job there…


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