DiStAnT mEmOrIeS…♥

There are moments in life that we thought are buried. But at some point, someday, such memories will be remembered and you’ll see yourself smiling.

For they are not lost. Only forgotten.

I thought my life was boring until I remembered things of my childhood years that made my heart leap.

When I was a kid, we were a lot wealthier, but not fancy rich. We even had “Yaya’s” or nanny. The 1st one was a teenager whom my brother and I always tease. We would run and she’d chase us until she’s tired and we’ll tease her even more. Then she’ll cry. She always cry. And we enjoyed every bit of those tears.

I may sound evil but hey, I was a kid! 🙂

Our second nanny was older, waayyy older. Even older than my parents. She’s quiet and we don’t fool around her ’cause she’s old. I even thought we were taking care of her instead of the opposite.

I can’t remember how they stopped working. I don’t even remember why we need yaya in the first place. But after they’re gone, I had more fun.

When I was a kid, we had a 2-storey house. Yes, we also have that same structure now but unlike this one, before was much …. interesting. Though the first one is smaller, it felt a lot like home, a haven.

I considered it luck that our neighbors can’t afford to up-size their one-storey houses. (See how evil I was?!) So whenever I’m alone (I always had lots of alone time, until now), I’ll go out of our house, through the window located on our second floor. My weight didn’t matter ’cause I’m a kid, neighbors wouldn’t know I’m walking on their roof  (or they’ll think its just a cat). Then I would pick a nice place on that roof, dust it off and lie down staring at the blue sky and those fluffy clouds. My mind wandering and sometimes my eyes closed and lips smiling. I was at peace and very happy.

Sometimes, it would rain. Other times, my mom would call me from downstairs. Either of the 2, I would rush back in. My mom always think I’m sleeping or singing with myself, or telling stories with myself. (Yup, I always do that before. Of course I stopped, I would look stupid. But as they say, old habits are hard to break. So yeah, I still do that. Hehe.)

There was an open area maybe 4o meters from our house. (You have to walk through a narrow passage before reaching our house). From that area, you may see me one of those afternoon going down our window. Then, maybe not. Because that area is reserved for kids.

I had lots of fun when I was a kid. I had playmates, frenemies, enemies, and new friends. But as I look back, all of these kids have outgrown me. Some older than me, some younger, but they see life earlier than what I would be. They all have their own families.  And here I am, on work, blogging the time away. Smiling to what used to be. Wondering of what would be..


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