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Taking Risks…

On 22nd of September year 2010, I have blogged on moving on. Those were the times when I felt the things are wrong and are not meant for me yet. But now, well, life is full of surprises.

I now found someone, or rather, he found me. And we are not the couple we think we would be. Thinking about the possibility never crossed our minds. For 3 years of close friendship,  we never thought ones fingers would fill the others spaces.

This may be a boring chick blog for you but it meant a lot to me. I just want something to remind me, if ever I forgot, that at mid day on 8th of January, unexpectedly, he popped the question.

It was a wonderful feeling. After a lot of crazy adventures, love stories that broke me down, he was the one who sees it all. That knows it all, and I am to him also.  We were just like best friends. But our personalities fit like puzzles.

Every girl is waiting for THE ONE. Every girl knows that. And if this is not serious as hell, well, I can’t think of anyone else if it wouldn’t be him.

Let’s find out. 🙂


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