Lost Nightmare

Everybody looks amazing in their cocktail dress and suites. Everybody is outside. Everybody is hiding from the rain.

The rain.

The rain looks haunting from the black sky.

Among the crowd with my umbrella, why am I alone? Where is he? He’s always with me.

I don’t like it here. Especially when I’m alone. Especially when I’m not with him. And especially when its raining.

I sat among the crowded stairs. And I saw him.

Him with her.

Her, the girl we both hate for breaking our hearts.

Our hearts. My heart. He is breaking my heart for being with her.

The rain.

The rain falling like my tears.

I close my eyes. This is my nightmare.

Touch. I opened my eyes and he is touching me. He looked hurt to see me crying.

He dragged me away. Away from the crowd. Away from her. Hugging me through the rain that I don’t anymore.

A church. A white church.

Falling leaves in the afternoon.

Same people. Same clothes.

We enter the crowded church. Loud music everywhere. Was that Gothic? Was that Rock?

I knelled and pray. Can’t concentrate. Everybody chatting. Everybody waiting.

Waiting for what?

I don’t like it here.

He holds my hand and went outside.

Everybody is looking. Looking at us waiting. Waiting for what?

Please, lets run.





I lay awake.


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