Hall Pass : A Movie Review

Hall Pass, a movie released last 2011, comedy with a pang of truth, is what we have watched last rainy Saturday. And by we, I mean my 17 year old younger brother and 14 year old younger sister. It went from funny to awkward, to holy guacamole.

Starred by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikisi, best friends and both married, are too “Jumpy” when it comes to women that they are their wives’ pain in the buttocks. ( Gosh! How conservative I am! )

It is a movie that shows brutal truth to its viewers. Like how when man gets old, that every achievement has to be bragged about. Or how some men (boys) can’t really control the sexual urge, even just to look at women’s butts.

So their wives gave them a Hall Pass (thus the title), wherein they could go off from marriage in a week. They could do whatever they want. And of course, boys being boys, bragged on how they will be laid in this 7 days. While the ladies act normal: playing cool, got invited to parties and beach games, the other one actually got laid.

It was mixture of that and some really shocking but horribly funny scenes. Like when Owen Wilson slept on the gym Jacuzzi and was being sucked when 2 naked guys rescued him. Their male organ was actually viewed here. One black man with rather huge “thing”. And whats actually funny is the Caucasian man’s Cheese Curls size worm hanging. We went from Whoa! to Ahahaha! (*stomach hurts and tears falling*) kind of funny.

It went to just having the boys realize what its like to be, and have the women to choose whether they would give up on their love and invest on a new one.

It was awkward (especially watching with siblings), but it was that kind of movie that will give you something to think about and appreciate from that moment on.

Good for couples, partners, married ones with that dying spark, or just a hopeless romantic.


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