Subic Getaway

May 2-4, 2014 – a long weekend since May 1 is a regular holiday, a friend and I decided to try to explore Subic.

I was in charge of the whole getaway plan and stumbled upon the most affordable rate in this site. The price is good, the facilities are great, and the staff are accommodating. However, upon actually arriving at the place, below are some key points that have not been pointed out for the place itself and the main Subic Experience:

  • From SM Olongapo travelling to anywhere else in Subic especially the main attracttions, Taxi or Cab is the only available means of transportation.
  • These cabs DO NOT HAVE meter, all prices are upon negotiation. They sure are pricey, so do not be surprised.
  • Be wary of the cabs you are to ride. We have been warned by Kuya Jay to ride cabs with yellow plates as those with green plates are colorum. If you left something at the cab, you will have trouble tracing it.
  • Places like Zoobic Safari, Camayan Resort, and other places are very expensive to travel to. We spent Php 900 for a back and fourth ride to Zoobic Safari.
  • Know your place to stay as some places will have difficulty in accessing food chains.

Though these things have greatly affected our very strict budget, we looked at the bright side and enjoy the things we experienced.


Camera 360

Camera 360


-Close encounter with the Tiger. Really badass! 😀


Camera 360


-Talk with the donkeys and asked where Shrek is. They’re a little snob, did not answer me once. Sigh.


Camera 360


-Notice some really huge and tall trees to hug. Hopefully my next boyfriend got same characteristics! Mwahahaha.


Camera 360 Camera 360


-Make friends with really good reptiles. Just show them your camera of phone and they know what to do 🙂


Camera 360 Camera 360


-Find out some nasty bones. They really do “preserved” the dead animals in this place. Talk about reuse and marketing.


Camera 360


-And finally, enjoy the moment with your friends. Just kidding, we don’t know these people. We just randomly took this pic 😀


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