Fluffy Cactus…

No matter how contentedly boring your life is, there will come a day when you will enter a room, no matter how cold, there will be one person that will make you feel as if you were melting.

It might be a case of “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy” thing, but you will chicken out. You shall discover that speaking, no matter how hard you studied, how well you planned, will be the most difficult thing to do.

That he becomes a fluffy cactus in an instant. You know you want to hug and take home but there are invisible thorns that makes getting near him painful. Painfully great, a wonderful torture.

That at the end of the day, you know you will hate yourself both of the things you’ve done and things you failed to do.

But you’d promise yourself that another day will come and a miracle will happen. And this illusion shall go on and on until you’ve reached the greatest point. The moment you’ll say, ‘’At Last!’’




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