The Encounter…

There will always be one person that will change your perspective in life. In your everyday boring routine, one day he or she will come and will tell you things you need to know, desirable and gruesome truth.


I have just met him.


On the night of June, 2nd day to be exact, it was a Monday. I have arranged a meeting with my high school classmate for her generous donation of a book. In exchange, I will treat her to dinner. I would not have this done for anything but you have to understand it was a book. What makes it special, it was a Paolo Coelho book. I would never let that pass me by.


Upon my arrival, she was with her boyfriend, Paolo. You would never have observed it instantly if you were in my shoes, he had a disability but looked and act normal on first impression.


After we ordered food, my friend, Christine, went back to order dessert, that leaves me and Paolo. We had a short chat which he later led to tell me the things I need to know. Below are the points according to how he pointed out.


-Paolo has an open third eye. He sees dead people and other beings around us. What shocked me is that I have one, too, but still closed. It depends on me on how or when I would want it to open.


-I have a special third eye that attracts the entities around me. These entities do not wish to harm me but instead, guards me.Image

-I may have felt like I was crazy when I thought I could curse other people, but according to him, it was true. If I am angry, I could easily curse other person. (There are several events in life that proven this idea.)


-He later warned me to control my anger as the person I will curse would be very miserable. I have the power to curse all I want in this lifetime, I am on the top of the power chain. But all the bad things I will do shall drain me on the next life. *chills*

-I would be deployed overseas (Dubai to be exact) in the near future.

-I will have a boyfriend within the.. He did not finished this sentence. He said the first name starts with “E”, whoever the fudge is that E, will have my heart broken again and tears shall be shed. (I clearly frown at this idea and asked him if this is really necessary as I am tired to cry for another relationship). He emphasize that I need to meet “E”, I will find out why.

-After “E”, I will meet the love of my life. He will bear me a child before we get married. *barnacles* (I asked him if this would happen very near as I have many plans for myself and not yet ready. His answer was, “It’s up to you. People do what they want and not what are meant for them.”

-I have a stressful sibling that I need to watch over. (This is clearly my younger brother). On August, one Tuesday night to be exact, he needs to stay inside the house and not be with his “barkada” as blood shall be spilled. Paolo would not give me further details on this but hinted that there will be blood on his back. (really terrifying)

-There are 2 people feeling envious of me on workplace.

-I shall bear 3 children, one of them will be a pain in my a$$ but would later bring great fortune in my life. This will happen 30 years from now.



There may have things he said that I already forget. He and Christine site examples of his ability, death, pageant, he even said that the President will be betrayed by his most trusted friend 5 months from now.


I believe some of it, some I don’t even want to think about. I just want to blog the specific things, hopefully so that I may forget and stumble on this blog someday. Let’s see what will happen.



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