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The Last of 22…

At this moment, few minutes to midnight, few minutes before I turn into another being. Not a werewolf or vampire (I wish), but to an older me (scientifically). Remaining minutes of being 22 ( cue Taylor Swift).

If nobody told you or you have not noticed, time goes by faster as you grow older. It has been a year since I munch on over dozen Korean ice cream (so darn yummy) and taken my first mirror selfie.

Now, a lot has change. Body figure, circle of friends, job, and just plain perspective.

Between the turning of age, this year gave me a truly amazing gift, the gift of understanding. All my life I never gave attention to all the blessings I have been receiving. A lot of bad things happen but I’m still here.

From a job offered right after my resignation (I know, its crazy), a goo paying company (and a job I really love) , to old and new friends to help me grow, strengthen and bloom. And of course my family who trust me enough through all my decisions in life, good and bad, that let me know myself more than half of what I knew myself then.

As the clock continues ticking reminding me and you that each moment will lead us to something great, I would like to invite you to indulge in the gift I have received. After all, we grow old every second 🙂


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