The Gift of the Ordinary : A Book Review

Are you missing on the gifts of the ordinary?

Do you realize how much you are missing in life when you let those days pass by without seizing the gifts they offer?

The Gift of the Ordinary

Lines that will echo even through you sleep. Admit it, we always worry ourselves everyday before going to sleep. We regret things we could have done much more than the things we already did. Especially the chances we did not take.

But before we proceed, here are some formalities 🙂

Author: Chris Dao-Anis

Book Title: The Gift of the Ordinary

40 Episodes of Learning to Live Extraordinarily in Life’s Ordinary Encounters

ISBN 978-971-011-743-7

About the Author

Chris aims to empower his fellow young minds to live life beyond the ordinary.

He hails from the mountains of Kibungan in the province of Benguet. He attended elementary and high school in his hometown and then moved to Baguio City for his college degree in accountancy. Presently, he works with a private company in Makati City.

CPA, Toastmaster, and a good listener.

Also author of the eBook “Live Your Life, Young Mind! Be guided by the Six Strings every Young Mind Should Play”


As a girl who loves fiction, seeing this inspirational book made me think twice. The intriguing title will bug you. Gift of the Ordinary? Should I be making a title more SUPER or with more impact?

But the trap got me. I was reading the first few pages and I suddenly find myself staring at nowhere, reflecting.

Unlike typical novels with twists and a plot, the message here is clear and straight to the point. In everyday situations, we are either unwrapping or ignoring our gift. It will make you think, “How am I extraordinary?”

In 40 simple stories, 40 different lessons are to be cherished. Varying from personal development, personal finance, love life, professional goals, and spiritual faith. A little bit of everything, yet, so much more.

This is the kind of book that everyone should be reading periodically over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you’ve come across that episode for the Nth time, you will gain a new perspective every time.

It basically consists of things we do not learn from school. Things we know by heart, experience, or by other people’s advice that we forget – or pretend to not know. Ups and downs, feelings most of us would rather not talk about, finally faced and shared.

One of those books you wished you read when you were younger. But it is never too late!


Highly recommended, no doubt! One of the few treasures in life worth every penny (or peso). To share with family, friends, children, and great grand children.

Have you ever had a book you secondly-doubted to buy and end up going home without it? Then will haunt you as days passed, “I should have bought that book”, you say. Well, don’t let this book slap you with the irony! 😀


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