My Dreamcatcher

My former colleague gave me a dreamcatcher as a parting gift. She doesn’t know how much I needed it. For the nightmares would not just go away. And I have been fighting greatly as day goes on. I am not afraid that one day I could fight no more, my eyes would not open at last. I can feel that day is near.

But no, I have my dreamcatcher now.

That was 2 days ago. Last night was the first night it saved me. I was just travelling to a lot of places. It was a normal good dream, my soul always travel.

This morning I wake up disturbed. No, the nightmares did not come back. You did.

You only visited me once. Kissed me and told me not to tell anyone before I opened my eyes. We spent the day together and I was waiting for you to kiss me and say not to tell anyone.

Today was different. You saved me from a sinful dream by making me laugh. You always make me laugh. You had afro hair and it was real. You made me forget all the people in the room by just looking into your eyes.

You shouldn’t be here. You should have left me alone. I spent the last weeks telling myself that I should move on. Stop this fantasy for I would only hurt myself. Love always hurt me, you see. No matter how wonderful.

But you’re here and I could not help but to leave everything and stay with you, let you lead to where we will go.

We walked side by side and I asked you, “Why are you here?”. You can’t give me a straight answer. Like you always make me guess what you really are inside.

But you held my hand, suddenly, the answer is not important anymore. You’re here, you’re with me.

I woke up with tears in my eyes. The dreamcatcher did a great job. It caught you.

But no matter how great my dreamcatcher did, I still have to wake up to reality. You’re just a dream, will always be my dream that would never be with me.




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