Extra Curricular Activities

Extras curricular activity is something most of us take for granted. Because we are young, we are busy, we have other things we should enjoy.

But that’s the thing. You can have all that and more when you pop that doubtful bubble.

Primary school was bland for me. All of my girl classmates joined Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) but I refused. I tried to join the school choir but decided it was not for me.


High School was anothe level. I always loved reading so I joined Book Lover’s Club. To my dismay, all we did was stand by the library, access the computer room, mainly because it was the extension of the library. But I was happy, I have access to all the books, the knowledge. It was fun, but I seem to look for more.

It was junior high when CAT officers visited our classroom looking for recruits. You guessed it, I joined. Through all the torturous physical exercises (because I don’t exercise), psych war (because I always trust everybody), and rumored hazing, I always tell myself that I’ll quit next session, that mt body is giving up.

I kept on saying I will quit until the day I graduated and became an officer myself. I ran out of tie to quit.

I stayed not knowing it until it was through. How time flies when you are having fun. And I had fun, more importantly, I found what I want, adventure.

It was when I finished college that I understood what a great step it was to join that organization. Here are the benefits I gained:

  • Met different kinds of people. I exposed myself to different minds, different approach and different adjustments that I learned in dealing with people.
  • The group is still intact. We meet together few ties a year.
  • Connections, connections, connections. It was founded by brotherhood tested by time. If you need anything, someone will be willing to help, or knows where to find one.
  • Friendship that strengthens over time.
  • of course, having fun.

I continued looking to organizations when I entered university grounds. This time, I had hunger for stories, so I joined the school paper.

I saw many advantages it offers. I wish I had joined more of them when I was younger. But its never too late.

Even in corporate world, there are many existing organization around you. This for example.


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