Silent Treatment

I looked at the stars thinking about us.

As we lay on the grass, your eyes sparkle among the diamonds in the sky. But something was different.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”, I asked you.

You did not reply..

“Are we going with this silence again? I thought we were okay. I told you its okay.”

You did not move. Not even looked at me.

“I told you I was sorry. I came home early to surprise you. I know we’re not the same as before and I wanted to try to get it all back.”

You were on top of him.

On our bed.

Your back behind the open door where I stood.

“I forgive you. I hope we can still be the same as before. I’m sorry I snapped.”

Still, you did not say a word. I’m a little hurt.

“I have an idea. Come on honey. Let’s take him to the beach.”

I stood up and carefully picked up your severed head.


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