Spoiled Heart…

Last quarter of 2013, the universe asked me, “What do you want? Anything, I will give you.”

Yes, me and universe are very close.

It was months after I ended my last relationship but I was in good shape. I am whole like I don’t want anything at that moment.

But I will not let this one pass. I paused and think intently.

I want to wake up to kisses. Even on weekends at very early hours, I would not mind.

I want to be told I am loved without me getting tired of it.

I want to be spoiled by hugs and simply staying by my side as if to tell me someone is always there for me.

I want to be mad but can’t really stay mad.


The universe was quiet for a while. I think it was thinking if it would take the offer back.

Or thinking if that was a lot of want.

But then it answered.

“So you want a boyfriend? That’s okay. Its normal to want one again.”

NO!! I screamed.

You don’t understand. I want a dog.. please.


And what do you know. It gave me not one, but two. I gave the girl dog to my sibling and keep the boy mine. It does exactly what I wanted, what I never thought I needed.

Carlito spoiled my heart by doing things I loved dearly. I know he will not be able to stay as long as I would be staying, but every moment is our moment of love.


When you ask someone how much they love you and they answer “I love you as much as I love my dog”, don’t be offended. This is the highest and closest love they can give.

I know I will.


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