Sleeping Pills

Its been over a year since I started to hate sleep. It was an enemy. Well, because I was in love. Reality was better than the thousand dreams I had of us together.

I hated sleep so much that I had trouble sleeping. I know, I know. Once you’re in love, you cannot sleep well. At worse, you cannot sleep at all.

But the extremity of the situation is not good for me anymore that I decided to take sleeping pills. Not the prescribed one, only the herbal. Those things you can buy over the counter made of certain leaves to help your nerves calm down and eventually, help you fall asleep.

I only take one pill upon going to bed and only on weekdays when I need to wake up early. It’s good though. No matter how short I sleep, I always wake up feeling good. Like I had enough sleep.

SPBut just last week, my heart was broken. It was the lowest point of my life compared to any other heartbreak.

The sleep that was once my enemy, is now my best friend. I wanted to sleep so long just to forget. Sleep so long so I won’t be able to remember the pain. I won’t be able to feel.

Funny how sleeping pills work. Now they are at my bedside every day, not only on weekdays.

And not only one friendly pill a night, he could take his buddy with him, or all of his friends.

I just wanted to sleep.

I want to sleep. It doesn’t matter if I wake up.


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