We are in love with the memories.

Its painful to remember sometimes. You thought you’d already forgotten all those things. You thought you buried them deep enough. Then out of nowhere it will come back like a gust of strong wind you never saw coming.

What’s difficult is the battle in your head. It’s like saying “We’ve been through this before. We already closed this one.” But more often than not, your brain will go the opposite way and tell you “No. Just remember”.

It’s these little things that makes it hard to move on. Real life troubles are long buried, long finished, you tell yourself. Then you’ll go to these buried memories, treasure or not, and rather vividly.

Sometimes all it takes is a familiar scent, sometimes a particular taste of the food you are eating, and on the lucky days, even a single word.

Then you’re back to those moments.

Moments we wished to relive over in over again like a parody of Groundhog Day, but more personal.

But you know you can’t go back. Its’ done. And what hurts most is when you want to go back so bad, but its impossible. No alternative way to have it again.

And that sucks.

Being in love with those memories you can’t let go.



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