love · paranormal

Man of my Dreams

He always appear in my dream.

At first it was like my normal dreams, wandering around the crowd. Bumping into a college friend or someone from childhood I lost contact years ago and catch up. These dreams always make me feel happy and felt more real to me that the waking world.

He stood among the crowd, staring at me. I immediately glance to my friend and try to focus on what she is saying. But I am having a hard time trying.

I tried to look back at his direction and see him walking away. Good.

I dismissed the dream as I wake up. Clearly, I could not remember anything until I had another dream.

This time, I am going on a field trip with my high school classmates. As we are packing up and getting ready for our departure, something caught my eye. There he was again. But this time, he was having a chat with the driver who looked my way with a pale face.

They stopped talking and he walked away. The driver acts as if nothing happened and we started to begin the trip.

On the third night before going to bed, I crossed my fingers and pray that I would not see him again.

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

Me and my close friends are going to McDonalds, how original. I was staring at our destination not far away from the parking lot we are walking in and asked my friend, Hows it going with your boyfriend?

She did not answer right away so I turned and tell her again, I said hows-

My friend is now talking with him. He looked at me and smiled. My friend turned to me with an angry look and they walked away continuing their conversation.

I woke up covered in sweat. This has got to stop. He is getting closer and closer every night.

I sat awake until the sun came up, afraid that if I close my eyes, he’ll be closer than ever.

I spent 2 nights without sleep and called in sick. This has got to stop. I could not bear another night without my proper rest.

Tonight I came prepared. I bought a pack of those organic sleeping pills. Just to be sure, I took 3.

I woke up screaming but not remembering any details. I turned on my lamp and see it was 3:15 in the morning. Waaay to early, girl.

I lied back down hoping to sleep again with the light on.

I closed my eyes and slowly drift to sleep when I feel a slow breathing behind me. Am I dreaming?

Then I heard it panting. What the hell?

 I opened my eyes, it was dark. Why is the light off?

The panting still continues. This is real! I’m not dreaming!

I gathered up my courage and turned around. It was him. He’s here.

“What the f— are you doing here?!”, I screamed. I tried to get up but I can’t move.

He smiled.

“Leave me alone..”, my eyes swelling up with tears.

He just stared at me, grinning wider.

“Please..”, my vision beginning to blur.

“You can’t be here.. You’re dead”, I feel him carrying me across the room.

“Leave me alone.. You’re dead. I killed you..”, I said whispering, feeling all the energy escape my body. Before I lost my consciousness, I hear him open the front door and started to laugh.



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