Eternity: a moment standing still forever.

I always loved our eternity.

Through your smile I saw the innovation of humanity, through your kisses I felt the gush of strong wind as it takes me to the skies.

Every touch is a memory lost but thousand-folds of new memories flooding in. Goose bumps of every sunset and catching of breath is our every evening together.

How lovely we witnessed our little angels grow and shine others with their amazing lights as we walk hand in hand, its just the tow of us again.

Your sparkling eyes, millions of stars among other galaxies that I wanted to capture. And I did. They were the first things I see upon waking up and the last before closing them.

As we take our last breath side by side, I was happy to spend my little eternity with you.

And as I open them we were young again.

We showered, changed our clothes and share a sweet kiss. I pull you in, never wanting to end this. You obliged and pull me closer. Our tongues fighting to have this eternity again as a tear escapes my eyes.

We pull apart and you wiped them away. “Can we stay?,” I plead.

You smile but your sad eyes betray you. “Until we meet again.”

And you left me with only the memories of our eternity.

Time is immemorial. This cruel world is only measured by a thing called “hour”.

And our eternity is just a few of that.



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