The moon is full.

It is a good night to take a walk. Two paths opened up before me. On the left, I can see tall grass and trees. On the right, I see rocks and could smell the ocean. I choose the latter.

It was a dark place with only the sound of waves as my company. The breeze, no matter how cold, gives me comfort.

I walked, letting my feet feel the way I should go.

I stopped and turned around. Something is wrong.

I can’t hear the ocean anymore, yet, I could still feel the water moving around me.

“Run”, someone said. And I did. Fast as I could. Without even seeing where to go.

I stopped to catch my breath.

“Why did you stop?”, the voice behind me said. Something hit me hard.

I woke up sweating. It was not a good dream at all.

I switched on the lights and headed for the kitchen why my laptop is loading.

As I finished my glass of water, I wonder who it is this time.

I get these dreams since I was 9 years old. Not all of them like this. Some are happy dreams, some making love, some of grief. Lately, I realized they were not dreams at all. But life of other people. I get to live a part of someone else’s life.

And tomorrow, we will receive a report of someone on a beach, badly hurt, or worse – dead.

I headed back to my room and started fixing the bugs of my program. This is the boring life I live in compared to the exciting dreams I get to see.

3 hours past and my eyes are stinging. I need to sleep. I need to witness what it will be this time.

Please be a nice one, I whispered as I close my eyes.

The moon is nowhere to be found but the sky is a dark gray. Like a storm is coming.

One path. No trees, not a hint of the ocean. Just plain white cemented path.

Red door. I turned the knob and entered.

I see a messy room. A really familiar messy room.

On the bed is a body facing away from me.

I walked around the bed to confirm what I’m thinking. I see the face. My face.

Hey, it’s me! I said.

My body shifted and opened my eyes.


It’s me.



2 thoughts on “Dreams

    1. Thank you, glenvfondufe! The dreamer wakes up to find another ‘him’ in real life, in his bedroom. Now there’s 2 of them. Why, how and what will happen, I leave that to you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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