I don’t care about anything – the society, the government, my neighbors, anything – basically, I don’t give a dime. If they don’t bother me, I won’t mind their business, everyone is happy. That’s my motto in life.

But my curiosity was piqued  while I was on my way home. I saw this missing person poster on one of the concrete post near my block. I ignored it at first but after some weeks, I could not. You see, there had been additional faces every time I pass that post.

Last week, I stopped on my tracks and looked closely. 2 or 3 more posters and they will have trouble finding a space if this goes out of hand.


I never bothered to watch the news, I know what they would report anyways. Kidnappers in white van, black market selling your internal organs, people going to bars and taking in date rape drugs, cabs with sleeping fumes, even aliens – just to say they have a close on the case. And this works every time. Pity.

I turned my heel when something white caught the corner of my eye. Standing across the street is a man, probably in his thirties, in a white shirt, faded jeans, and sunglasses. Dude, it’s getting dark. Do you have sore eyes or something? I smirked as I observed him. He’s not moving at all. Looks like he is just staring straight ahead.


That’s when all the hairs on my skin stood up. I had a sudden feeling of extreme terror. Like I wanted to hide. I can feel his cold stare beyond that sunglasses.

I ran fast and never looked back.

That was last week. And since that day, I pretend to not see him. I avoided looking at the post and just continued walking with my head bowed everyday.

But yesterday, I could not help it. I stood frozen looking at the hundreds of faces staring back at me. The posters were overlapping each other, no spaces could be seen. They even consumed the spaces at the very top where you could no longer read or recognize the face, down to the very bottom where the papers are torn due to mud and dust.

What the hell is happening? Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? No police care patrolling around, no guidelines in our office of safety. Damn, did they stopped trying?

I turned around and I felt cold instantly.

The man was no longer across the street. He was standing right behind me this whole time. And he was smiling. That smile as if he is controlling it not to be a grin.

“Uhmm. I’m sorry..”, I stepped aside and ran home. Freakin’ weirdo.

I forgot about that incident when I saw him again today. He was standing in front of the concrete post facing my direction still smiling. God! Don’t you have work or family instead of creeping people out?

I guess I don’t have a choice, I have to pass this way if I want to go home.

I bowed down and prayed that he will not stop me.


“Excuse me?”, wow. Not only are you creepy, you are rude!

“THE MISSING PERSON POSTS. YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM”, he smiled as if his shouting is the normal way to communicate.

“Does that matter?”, I answered back.

“It does now..”, he said whispering. The smile turning into a grin.

Then everything went black.

The next time you past by any concrete post with a “Missing Person” poster, do not pay any attention to it. Your curiosity will lead you to harm.

In case you can’t hold that urge back, please feel free to observe. In a matter of weeks, you will see me. And I shall tell you the answer.




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