Blue is Safe

The moon was nowhere to be found.

I met two incredible people in this new town. They held my hand, one on each side, as we walk through the poorly lit road of this town.

“I am so happy! Wait until you meet my friends!”, I tell them with glee.

“Shhh”, said the one on my left. He seemed afraid but smiled quickly.

“I’m sorry. Am I loud?”, I asked looking sideways. I could not see a single person that would be bothered anyways.

They exchanged looks and pulled me faster to an area with bright light.

Waiting there were my friends who seemed to be looking for a phone signal. I approached one and was about to ask what happened when another friend of ours looked distress and walked past us.

“What’s happening?”, I shouted.

“Uhm.. You just stay there!”, she shouted. I can feel fear in her voice.

“B-but..”, I could not finish my sentence. Suddenly there was a man in black shirt beside her holding her arm to make her still. Then two policemen behind us came from nowhere and held her other arm. Another man in blue appeared in front of her so she could not pass.

“Where did all of these people come from?”, I remember thinking.

Next thing I know was a hooded man running towards her.

She turned around facing the man.

She was about to scream when he pulled out his knife and stabbed her stomach.


We were shocked.


Everything went silent as he continues to pull and push that blade inside her.


I felt my knees weak and I could not speak

I looked up to my other friend. I thought I was shouting “WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?”, but I could not hear my voice. My lips are open wide.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up, “Let’s go!”, she screamed and we bolted.


I could still hear it. Please make it stop.


We ran with no destination in mind. We avoided every street with people in it. We do not know who to trust.

Every corner I see a policeman in his blue uniform. But blue is supposed to be safe.


“What?”, my friend shouted.

We stopped on our tracks along with my other friends.

I heard a voice murmuring. Blue is safe. Blue is safe. 

“What did you say?”, my friend beside me.

“Blue is safe. Blue is safe”, it was my voice. I could still hear it. How can I still hear it?


I covered my ears with my hands. Please make it stop. Please make it stop!

“Stop it! Stay with us! We’re far away! We can escape this town!”, she said shaking my shoulders.

“BLUE IS SAFE! BLUE IS SAFE!”, I was trashing around. STAB STAB STAB 

Please make the horrible stabbing stop. Please…



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