Modern Pornography

I born in early 90’s when the earthquake happened and that famous disco bar burned down taking a lot of souls with it.

I grew up to cheesy boy bands, mp3 discs and macarena steps until this very moment when you can dance in front of your screen, talk to your phone and poke into people’s private lives through social media.

I’ve witness how people turned from highly social, talking and friendly people to angry, self-centered, google-dependent zombies of today.

This is what I call Modern Pornography era.

Look around you. Companies focused on vanity products, creams and drugs that will make your skin glowing and whiter than ever, in an instant! Applications focused on showing off, filtering your insecurities.

I could not point out the moment when we suddenly switched to this kind of living. Probably because it was gradual.

People thought they were mighty because they hide behind their mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. I am better than the others, you should know where I ate, what I ate, and how my food looks like because I can afford all of these. Oh, you don’t like it? Don’t worry, I will upload more if it after 5 minutes whether you like it or don’t. What will you do? Smash your screens? Internet fight is entertaining for minds that have nothing else to focus on.

Judgments, cyber bullying, and harsh words are now flooding like plagues. What’s worse is the effect travels faster than before.

And when you create an action for your sake, people will play victim. Why did she said that? Why did she unfriend me? Why did she blocked me? She’s so selfish.

I’m tired of these false living. Since when did relying on your app much acceptable than stopping and asking for directions? We have made real human interaction awful and awkward that we could not stand it for too long. We rather send you a message, Snapchat you or FB Messenger you.

Have you ever tried creating a post that you are certain is not nice, will not make you or another’s person’s day and is just a legit rant? You never thought about it hard enough eh? What’s really really important is to let the world know how pissed off you are right now.

Because freedom of speech right? Or maybe you are living a perfect life? Or you’re just a selfish little girl?

Any of this would not matter because you are just a victim or your whole world. And the world must know this, that you are a victim. That you did not do anything wrong and woke up one morning feeling hurt of being left behind.

Living the moment and living temporarily are two different things. We choose what path to live. And I, my friend, choose not to live with all these negativity.


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