Love by the Book

A girl asked me if I read, which of course could have been answered by a sarcastic laugh and a long “Duuuuuhhhh?”

I stared at her before answering yes, trying to assess what kind of books she read. “Do you read John Green novels?”, bacause I hate John Green, I wanted to add.

“Oh gosh. I read Fault in our Stars and I wanted to throw the book”, she laughed. “Have you tried reading All the Bright Lights? It’s a very depressing book. I didn’t know what to expect, I caught myself wailing.”

“Yeah, I read something like that. 13 Reasons Why, sure let me dow– wait! You don’t know what to expect? Have you not read the plot?”, I cocked my head.

“No. I don’t read plots.”


How could you let your emotion be surprised, be shocked with what’s about to happen? Are you even aware that you will invest in this, emotion, imagination, and probably the mood of your whole day? Just — how could you do that?

Aaand I stopped talking, warped inside my head with all these questions. Overthinking things, it’s a lot like love. Everything is a lot like love.

When you read the plot, analyzing the patterns and forming hypothesis on how the story will go, it gives you the chance – the option to decide whether you will give time of your future for this book or find a different one. And once you open the first page, you will begin to understand and anticipate the part that will unveil it all. That page that will make you whisper, “there it is! Ha!”, and will dig your nose closer to the book as the story guides you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love surprises. It’s like you walking at night in a dark street, you know your way and where to go, you just don’t know what’s in the next turn, what’s waiting at the end of the alleyway, the sounds you’ll hear nearby. It is exciting, hell it’s making me feel alive.

But do you not plan to know someone before you decide that you love them? That there are possible issues you need to know to prepare yourself, some are very serious that you have to make your faith stronger.




Who am I to judge right? I loved you before I even knew your name.




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