Whatever Wednesday

Whatever Wednesday: The Girl Who Killed Santa

Welcome to Whatever Wednesday! I write anything under the sun during Wednesdays!

This time I wanted to share with you about a childhood memory that resurfaced and I don’t know why.


When I was in the 4th grade in primary public school, a group of classmates and I started talking about gifts we were looking forward to. It was nearing the holiday season and us kids were getting excited on new toys to have.

We were coming up with tons of ideas: remote controlled cars, walkie talkies, the ultimate crayon set, you name it – we were topping each other with gifts after another, not letter anyone top up the gifts we thought of.

Suddenly, one classmate of ours decided to eavesdrop and soon after join the group. Being in such great mood, we thought nothing of it and included her in our little game. When we asked her the question, “What would you be asking Santa this year?”, she paused and made sure we were all listening.

When she opened her mouth, it was nothing we imagined.

“You all know Santa is just your parents buying you gifts, right”

Everyone was speechless. No one uttered a word and we just stared at this little demon brat.

After some time, one kid smiled and said “I want a toy car this Christmas”, continuing our little game. It was at this moment that I realized everyone knew about this stuff, every. little. kid. knows.

And that’s what makes it even worse. We were totally fine with knowing this open secret, why did this girl decided to ruin the fun and blurt out such a killjoy idea.

Since that day, I unconsciously marked her as someone I should stay away from. I don’t want to be her friend ever.


Looking back as an adult, this might be a silly memory to pop up. It is pretty silly.

I played that event in my mind over and over again until my brain pops an answer to my “why?”.


It was just this week that I concluded the key of this brain throwback – Judgement.



There was a rule I stumbled upon recently; if something can be fixed within 5 minutes, tell the person you’re concerned with. Anything else that cannot be helped within this time frame, shut your mouth.

Messy mascara? Go ahead. Someone gained weight? Do not even think about it.


In modern day culture, judgement has been in the most powerful stage than it was before. Any information can be accessed by one click. Unfortunately, this comes with the feeling of self entitlement given a new power.

You can see this in any social media platform, news bulletins, entertainment channels, or etc.

We are not aware how it happened but it indeed happened drastically. People bashing someone for something he or she did, your friends quick to comment on your selfies to point out something in particular, even the news anchors now have the option to share their opinion that used to be limited to the entertainment programs only.


I’m not saying it’s a bad progress, technology changed a lot of ways in terms we could have not imagined. But somehow, it made people very judgmental and arrogant, it made us bullies little by little.

The girl that killed Santa is a proof that it has been happening for a while now. We can’t really tell but maybe since the caveman era, this is already a thing.

Caveman 1: oorrghh argghhhh uwaaa

Caveman 2: *goes berserk*


If you think about it, how do you even start telling everyone about this? I’m pretty sure they will say “it’s my opinion!” (yes, that meme).

It’s as if you can compare it with sexual harassment, no matter how light or heavy a dirty joke is, it will count as sexual harassment on the listener’s point of view, never the speaker.

Maybe we can pause before we speak and think about the benefit of what we’ll share. For us, it might be a simple idea that we can brush off anytime. But for others, it might be something important that we unknowingly killed, like Santa Claus.











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