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Whatever Wednesday: Different Diet Trends 2018

Welcome to Whatever Wednesday! I write anything under the sun during Wednesdays!

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather these past days, hence, making a WW on a Friday. Bear with me.

January is the most profitable month of gyms, salad shop, sportswear stalls, lemonade stands, and all other health stuff. I have to be honest, I am one of these as I just signed up my first gym membership (though technically I signed up last October after being told the gym will open by November, hooray! They opened 2nd week of January).

Anyways, I’ve been hearing this phrase for years: “your ideal body can be achieved not by workout alone but with proper diet”.


I started working out 2 years ago when my friend and I went shopping, the dress I wanted won’t fit. I never thought I was fat nor I was gaining weight (cause I honestly don’t care), but the flashbacks of how I stress eat and sleep a lot came flooding as I struggle inside the dressing room.

Knowing my short patience, I knew I’d never last inside a normal gym. I’d get bored easily, and I’m not really a fan of selfies. So I started with boxing, progressed to Muay Thai, and currently Yaw-Yan (Dance of Death).

Doing this for years has been a normal routine, I lost weight, had better mood, glowed beautifully, and the best one – stronger stamina.

But it never occurred to me to force myself in dieting. Though I don’t eat as much I as I did before, no more stress eating, my body (or maybe my taste buds) started rejecting food that are either too salty, or too sweet.


For my friends, dieting is very effective. So I thought I’d share some of the current trending and popular diets.


  1. Keto Diet – or formally known as ketogenic diet (also known as Atkins), focuses on burning fat instead of carbs. The name comes from “ketones”, the small fuel molecules our body reproduce when we are short in sugar supply. When the body produces ketones, it’s in the state of “ketosis” which can be achieved fastest by fasting. Keto diet can reach this goal without having to fast.
    • Food to eat – I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying “oh you should only eat the fat of pig or beef or chicken if you’re in keto diet”. This is not entirely true, the objective of the diet is to eat as low carbs as possible. This can be a combination of: vegetables that grow above the ground, tea/coffee/water/ red wine, natural butter and oils, meat, seafood, cheese eggs.
    • What not to eat – everything high carbs: pasta, pizza, dairy products, fruits (shocking, I know!), rice, beer, donut (anything pastry), candies, chocolate, soda and juices.
  2. Intermittent Fasting – is the term for an eating cycle that only varies between “eating”and “not eating/ fasting”.  Not really a form of diet as it doesn’t tell you what to eat and not to eat but when to eat. Here are some of the methods ranked from most effective:
    • The 16/8 method (aka the Leangains protocol) – skipping breakfast and restricting your daily eating up to 8 hours, example from 1PM to 9PM. Then you “fast” for the remaining hours.
    • Eat-stop-eat – this involves a 24 hour window. For example, not eating dinner today, skipping all the meals for 1 day, and finally eating your normal 24 hour cycle from tomorrow’s dinner.
    • The 5:2 diet – pick 2 days of the week (don’t need to be consecutive) you need to eat only up to 500-600 calories. Then you eat normally on the other 5 days.
  3. Paleo – also known as the caveman diet, allows you to consume all food eaten by early humans. This includes: meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils. Strictly to avoid: any processed food, dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, salt and cereal grains.
  4. Slimming World – is an individual and group online membership platform that focuses on consuming less calories than your normal one. They have 3 categories of food that you can personalize:
    • Free food – food you can consume with no limit
    • Healthy extras – food with specific nutrients you can eat while you lose weight
    • Syns – treats that has a corresponding point value, you are allowed 5to 15 syns a week.
  5. Weight Watchers – also an online platform but relies on counting system. Your body factor will be analyzed (weight, height, BMI, body fat, gender, age) and you will be given a personalized SmartPoints budget plus a weeky points allowance you can use (for when you want to have a cheat day or when going out).


There are a lot of diet trends put there, constantly changing by the people’s demand, the influence of media, a few scientific findings, and of course – because it’s January (#newyearnewme).

I admire all people, no matter the gender, that has the courage to plan their diet and stick to it. Together with this admiration is a message to those who wanted to try, please research first what works for you best especially if you have a medical condition or if you have limited budget.


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