Mehj is a pseudonym for me, a blogger since 2008, when the world has just been opened to my “Late Bloomer” eyes. Why do we blog? Different people will have different reason/s. I only have 3, and no, it was not for the money:


1. To share. The experiences and lessons that I’ve learned and know. Maybe you are older, maybe younger, wiser or much ignorant than I am, but you know something that I don’t. And I know something that, as you read, you will know finally.

2. To remeber. To go back to posts that I made years, months, weeks, or days ago. Because we tend to forget, even the most important things.

3. To forget. Very opposite to number 2, I know. Blog or written notes, I write to forget things and memories. Even the good ones. If you have a wandering mind like me, writing (or blogging) keeps me connected. I could not explain much further.


Hope you enjoy every posts, most are corny, to be honest. But I promise, good or bad, I am the messenger of the truth.


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  1. SheryL♥
    Nov 21, 2014 @ 19:12:24

    Hi! Thanks for the follow!~^^



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