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17 Lessons from 2017

I had been very busy with 2017 because of reasons. But being busy is not an excuse for some lessons life throws at you (like that underarm commercial). 2017 has been a wild ride, some say it was a combination of the best and worst year so far. Me, I'm just surprised I still have… Continue reading 17 Lessons from 2017


Untitled (Ash Monkey)

She was running, something she always did. She kept on running up the fire exit steps until she reached the top floor. She didn’t know what she was looking for but she just wanted to escape. She opened the top floor door and saw the first room opened. She invited herself in, swiftly so no… Continue reading Untitled (Ash Monkey)



The world goes on without you. That is the truth. If somebody close to you died, if your heart gets broken, if the fire inside you disappeared - the world would still continue to spin. So we try to busy ourselves with anything that can make us forget. Work, socializing, games, parties, alcohol drugs -… Continue reading Alive

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Time Travel

I have never been to this place but I knew instantly where this is. I knew I have to find you. So many boxes, so many things that people forget, so many things that people want to remember. My vision is crystal clear though it shouldn't be as this is not exactly real, or maybe… Continue reading Time Travel


Modern Pornography

I born in early 90's when the earthquake happened and that famous disco bar burned down taking a lot of souls with it. I grew up to cheesy boy bands, mp3 discs and macarena steps until this very moment when you can dance in front of your screen, talk to your phone and poke into… Continue reading Modern Pornography



We are in love with the memories. Its painful to remember sometimes. You thought you'd already forgotten all those things. You thought you buried them deep enough. Then out of nowhere it will come back like a gust of strong wind you never saw coming. What's difficult is the battle in your head. It's like… Continue reading Memories