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Comfortable Silence

We do not need words to communicate. You know you meet someone special when you can sit - in our case, lay down -and not mind the silence. You look at me with those big brown eyes, your head resting on your arm. I look at you lovingly, half of my face buried in the… Continue reading Comfortable Silence


Love by the Book

A girl asked me if I read, which of course could have been answered by a sarcastic laugh and a long "Duuuuuhhhh?" I stared at her before answering yes, trying to assess what kind of books she read. "Do you read John Green novels?", bacause I hate John Green, I wanted to add. "Oh gosh.… Continue reading Love by the Book


The Day I Dreamed About You

I woke up with a familiar seed of hope, confused, as I am sure I buried our memories deep enough to not give me this false expectation. After a long time, you were in my dream again. ...... They are going to take me. I waited a long time for this dream to happen again… Continue reading The Day I Dreamed About You


This Kind of Kiss

It was not the kiss I wanted, but the kiss I know I deserve. It was slow. Like we've waited for this our whole life, every second shall be savored. Every move of your lips whispering, "it's okay, no need to rush, I'm not going away." It was lovely, magical. Your hand holding my face… Continue reading This Kind of Kiss


The Scent of Yesterday

He was the last passenger and the vehicle took off. I was happy that we should now be going, I never liked waiting. On anything. Or anyone. My mind was going through a lot of unnecessary things as it usually does when his perfume hit me. I looked at him, something about the scent made… Continue reading The Scent of Yesterday

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Juan Miguel Severo : My Longest Short Forever

I had trouble sleeping, and by trouble I mean the meanest among all the troubles. I took my sleeping aid just as before, promptly a little after 10 in the evening and waited to take its effect, normally about 20 minutes. But the last time I check the clock, it was past 4 in the… Continue reading Juan Miguel Severo : My Longest Short Forever



Eternity: a moment standing still forever. I always loved our eternity. Through your smile I saw the innovation of humanity, through your kisses I felt the gush of strong wind as it takes me to the skies. Every touch is a memory lost but thousand-folds of new memories flooding in. Goose bumps of every sunset… Continue reading Time