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I Don’t Want the D

No, not that D. D as in depression. It feeds every one. Rich or poor, adult or teen. Even the happiest person you see. It picks anyone it can. Unlike most people, it does not feel like another person is inside you wanting to go out, No. It feels like nothing is inside you anymore.… Continue reading I Don’t Want the D


The Gift of the Ordinary : A Book Review

Are you missing on the gifts of the ordinary? Do you realize how much you are missing in life when you let those days pass by without seizing the gifts they offer? Lines that will echo even through you sleep. Admit it, we always worry ourselves everyday before going to sleep. We regret things we… Continue reading The Gift of the Ordinary : A Book Review


Hall Pass : A Movie Review

Hall Pass, a movie released last 2011, comedy with a pang of truth, is what we have watched last rainy Saturday. And by we, I mean my 17 year old younger brother and 14 year old younger sister. It went from funny to awkward, to holy guacamole. Starred by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikisi, best… Continue reading Hall Pass : A Movie Review