Merry Christmas, F.

My site has been inactive this year. I'm afraid if I try to write another article, I'll start talking about you again. I've decided to go ahead, but this time, I'll pour it all out. It will be pointless, you can't read this. I don't know, maybe it will matter to some of my readers.… Continue reading Merry Christmas, F.


Day 2: Right Words at the Right Time

While waiting for a jeepney ride, I asked you to tell me anything interesting, that I was bored. And you always knew the right things to say to make me laugh. You smiled and said, "Grabe ang laki ng boobs ni Tsunade (from Naruto) noh?", and touched your chest to have a good measure. Hahaha.… Continue reading Day 2: Right Words at the Right Time


Day 1: A New Phobia

I can't remember when and how I developed my fear of dead people. For a solid horror junkie, I can't stand to be in one room with a corpse. And you know that. Hope was the only thing I was holding on to when I received the message. Maybe they were mistaken. Maybe its a… Continue reading Day 1: A New Phobia