Happiness and The Lost Puppy

Happiness walked happily, despite the Genie’s absence – the only person that could make her happy.


“Everyone is relying on my happiness,” Happiness thought. “I should not be sad”, even if her heart is shattering.


A tiny bark could be heard once in a while but Happiness thought nothing of it. Now that she thinks about it, the tiny barks has been there even since the Genie was still around.


Happiness looked around, something Happiness never did before. Behind her, wagging its tail, is a little white puppy.


“Hello?”, Happiness waved. “Have you been following me?”


The little puppy happily wagged its tail with much gusto. Unlike the other beings Happiness met, this one is different. Her heart skipped a beat.


“You’re not tagging along anymore. You have to leave me too”, Happiness whispered.


The little white puppy whimpered and walked towards Happiness. Happiness sat down and hugged him.


“Its okay, I’m used to it. I hope you can find your way back”, Happiness smiled with tears streaming down her face.


The little white puppy licked her face that made Happiness giggled. “I will be okay”, she said.


Happiness hugged the little white puppy until he disappeared. Happiness stayed this way for a moment, her mind and her heart heavy.


After a while, Happiness stood up and walked happily.


“Everyone is relying on my happiness,” Happiness thought. “I should not be sad”, even if her heart is shattering.


22 Things I learned before turning 22…

  1. You will regret the things you wish you did than those things you’ve done.
  2. In battle of fate and free will, you’ve got the right to choose; and on that note, free will has the point.
  3. Choices has its own consequences. People may judge you or support you, but what they say don’t matter. They don’t know what you’re  going through. Same goes for you, too.
  4. Kind people are greater in number than those you can never trust.  Don’t be afraid to meet both, but most importantly, don’t let go of the best people you’ve already got.
  5. Travel while you can. Don’t walk all your time stuck inside four walls. There are places God made the same reason why you’re eyes are made.
  6. When in most painful time, before you ask Him why its happening, you should ask yourself: have you doubt his plans when you are happy.
  7. You get hurt, take all your time to get back. But never give up. It’s a little after giving up that a miracle mostly happens.
  8. There’s always someone willing to talk to you in your lowest days. You just have to keep looking until you find each other.
  9. Always make time for people; not work, things, or television. We’ve got enough technology fof knowledge, we lack human interaction.
  10. Always be humble. If you know it all, you must be God or Google. If you’ve got incredible amount of money, that’s great, but people don’t care. And those who do will do dangerous things just to get it from you.
  11. Don’t take life seriously. Drama was created as an art to learn from, not to live day by day.
  12. Drink lots and lots of water. Believe me.
  13. Always have enough rest and food. Do not underestimate your body. Mind is mighty but it will be useless if it had no body.
  14. Have at least a couple of books or authors that you can speak of. Books are one measure of one’s intellectual capacity. Plus, it can be a good icebreaker J
  15. Only buy things you really really need. If you don’t have anything to do with your money, save it. Accident is just around the corner.
  16. But then, there are no real accicdents. Just a thread of events all connected for a reason. But save money all the same. Hospitals don’t accept words as payments anyways.
  17. Don’t go day by day not laughing. Or better, don’t go by not making someone laugh. Its like a mini mission, both fun and fulfilling.
  18. Keeping a diary or a journal is not stupid at all. It will help you organize your thoughts, have a remembrance of the past, and will remind you of who you have been.
  19. All is temporary. Whatever it is you are going though today will soon change. Learn to enjoy every moment of it. Everything has a reason.
  20. Trust your instinct. It is there for a reason. There are 95% chance that you should follow it for your own good. The other 5% indicates you are imagining things and just paranoid.
  21. Do not forget Him. Talk to Him when you are sad, happy, mad. He understands, He knows. Hey, He won’t throw you  problems you can’t handle J
  22. Lastly, we may learn as much as 22 facts but there are thousand more to learn. So have fun and live your life!!


When Life Gives You Lemons…

August, the year is halfway through. It has been a tough one for most of us, being the year of the snake and everything, it has its ups and downs.

I had experienced and proven a lot of what the horoscope has predicted for me. I don’t really purely believe in those things, maybe a way to compare ideas and be wary of things. But as what it has predicted, sickness, lost of love, great sacrifices and a hundred hardships for Sheep like me has come and go.

Yet, comparing of yourself then and now will show you how much these experiences will mold you.

You may not be suicidal this time. You may not need other people to cry to because you realize there are much more important stuffs to really shed a tear for. You don’t need to eat tons of ice cream and chocolates when you’re depressed, maybe because you just lost your sweet tooth. Things like that.

You know what’s interesting? When you accept your defeat and carry on with a blank state, yet, life will make a way to make you live again.

It will be a month since my partner resigned and I am working a two-man job since. I felt very stressed at work, and of course some other problems occur. I feel like zombie everyday and sleep is my only escape.

Then, life keeps my dreams interesting… 🙂

Its been days now that I’m having very sensual dreams. By sensual I mean I got physical invitations from weird people, e.g., my college professor, my ex, my other ex, a guy I don’t know, a vampire leader, a soldier general, and all other things.

Now I wake up feeling amused (weird dream!), surprised ( it was just a dream!), and disappointed ( heck, I should have said yes!) at the same time.

It might be a very simple thing for most people but dreams had been great deal to me. I have proven that there are signs and messages it wants to point out in your real life that no books or dream interpreter could translate.

It was like God’s way of saying, “Get the rest you need but you have to come back anyways..”

Its like life giving you lemons, though you don’t have any idea what to do with it (it should have given you a banana or strawberry), but it will also give you a way to make a lemonade.

To have…

something so unexpected that you felt annoyed discovering it. You never wanted something unnecessary, not something to disturb you from the things that matters now.


To live.

everyday adjusting to the changes bought by the thing. You learned that these changes are not much, workable, and you might actually enjoy.


To lose..

something very important that you regret you called it unnecessary the first time you knew. That it had became the most valuable thing you will never see again. Something so precious and irreplaceable that every little memory and fantasy of the future brings you to tears.


To die..

not seeing what that something could have been.

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