Merry Christmas, F.

My site has been inactive this year. I'm afraid if I try to write another article, I'll start talking about you again. I've decided to go ahead, but this time, I'll pour it all out. It will be pointless, you can't read this. I don't know, maybe it will matter to some of my readers.… Continue reading Merry Christmas, F.

Happy · personal

Happiness and The Lost Puppy

Happiness walked happily, despite the Genie's absence - the only person that could make her happy.   "Everyone is relying on my happiness," Happiness thought. "I should not be sad", even if her heart is shattering.   A tiny bark could be heard once in a while but Happiness thought nothing of it. Now that… Continue reading Happiness and The Lost Puppy

paranormal · Reviews

I Don’t Want the D

No, not that D. D as in depression. It feeds every one. Rich or poor, adult or teen. Even the happiest person you see. It picks anyone it can. Unlike most people, it does not feel like another person is inside you wanting to go out, No. It feels like nothing is inside you anymore.… Continue reading I Don’t Want the D


Lost Nightmare

Everybody looks amazing in their cocktail dress and suites. Everybody is outside. Everybody is hiding from the rain. The rain. The rain looks haunting from the black sky. Among the crowd with my umbrella, why am I alone? Where is he? He's always with me. I don't like it here. Especially when I'm alone. Especially… Continue reading Lost Nightmare


DiStAnT mEmOrIeS…♥

There are moments in life that we thought are buried. But at some point, someday, such memories will be remembered and you'll see yourself smiling. For they are not lost. Only forgotten. I thought my life was boring until I remembered things of my childhood years that made my heart leap. When I was a kid,… Continue reading DiStAnT mEmOrIeS…♥